Chapter 14.0: Inhalants, Steroids, Over the Counter and Prescription Medication Misuse

Ch. 14.3: Key Terms

anabolic (androgenic) steroids: synthetically produced testosterone, potentially misused.

over-the-counter (OTC) substance misuse: intentional misuse of medication/medical products sold without a prescription for the purpose of experiencing their psychoactive effects.

behind-the-counter (BTC) medication: a level of control imposed on over-the-counter medications that limits amounts obtained and/or records user identification information to reduce potential for misuse; does not involve a prescription control but requires involvement of a licensed distributor (e.g., pharmacist).

inhalants: volatile substances (gas, aerosol, or vapor) misused by inhalation in high concentrations.

prescription misuse: the use of a controlled substance (medication) without a prescription, in a manner other than was prescribed, or for the purpose of altering feelings/experience.


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