Chapter 6. Communication Management, Leadership, and Project Team Management

6.0 Learning Objective and Overview

Learning Objectives

  1. Evaluate the importance of good communication in project management
  2. Create a communication management plan.
  3. Describe the interpersonal and technical skills that project managers need to lead project teams and manage the projects effectively.
  4. Explain the methods of how project managers can cope with conflicts by utilizing interpersonal skills.
  5. List the leadership styles, and define the servant leadership that is favored for project managers.
  6. Explain how project managers can create a culture pertinent to a project.
  7. Describe the processes to develop and manage project teams.
  8. Describe the virtual project teams that are exponentially utilized worldwide by all types of organizations, and compare in-person and virtual teams.

6.0  Overview

As highlighted in Chapter 5 “Stakeholder Management”, project managers and their teams spend most of their time communicating and collaborating with the stakeholders. Indeed, project managers, themselves, spend 90% of their time communicating[1]. Therefore, most of this chapter addresses the aspects of communication which is necessary to sustain a healthy relationship with all the stakeholders besides project team members. In this chapter, we are also focusing on the team management that elaborates on the relationships between the project manager and other team members as well the relationships among all team members. Working with people, inside and outside the project team, involves dealing with them both logically and emotionally. A successful working relationship between individuals begins with appreciating the importance of emotions and how they relate to personality types, leadership styles, negotiations, and setting goals.

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