Chapter 9. Budget and Procurement

9.8 Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Allocation of resources provides the project manager to determine the overall project budget most of which is spent on resources.
  • Three types of project costs are direct costs, direct overhead costs, and general administrative costs.
  • The project cost management plan is one of the sub-plans of our overall project plan, and it provides guidelines to project managers on how to estimate, budget, manage, monitor, and control project costs.
  • The techniques to estimate costs are expert judgment, analogous estimating, parametric estimating, three-point estimating, and bottom-up estimating. Generally, project managers utilize some of the techniques together to estimate the activity costs.
  • The process of subtotaling costs by category or activity is called cost aggregation. This process leads to the establishment of a cost baseline which is a time-phased budget that can be used to measure and monitor cost performance after it has been approved by the key project stakeholders.
  • Funds allocated to deal with known-unknowns are called contingency reserves. The monetary amount of contingency reserves is determined after the risks and the strategies to mitigate risks’ impact are identified and detailed.
  • Projects seldom go according to plan in every detail. Baseline budgets often change after they have been approved.
  • A project procurement management plan documents project procurement decisions, specify the approach, and identify potential sellers.
  • Project teams should figure out whether to build a solution for the organization’s or client’s needs or buy one that is already available in the market.
  • The most common contract types are fixed-price, cost reimbursable or cost plus, and time and materials contracts.



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