Chapter 8. Resource Management

8.8 Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources when they are needed. These resources can be classified as human resources, physical resources, and services.
  • Planning resource management is the process of establishing the policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project resources.
  • Resource Breakdown Structure helps the team to illustrate the resource needs in a hierarchical structure.
  • The techniques to estimate the resources are expert judgment, alternative analysis, analogous estimating, and bottom-up estimating.
  • Allocation of the resources to the project activities is called “Resource Loading”.
  • Resource leveling is used to examine the unbalanced use of resources (usually people or equipment) over time and for resolving overallocation or conflicts.
  • Schedule compression techniques such as crashing and fast-tracking are utilized to accelerate the project.



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