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Kittell – The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Kittell – Women’s Suffrage Cleveland Meeting: Analysis of a Primary Source


This image is from a meeting of the Cuyahoga County Women's Suffrage Association circa 1900-1929
“Early Meeting of the Cuyahoga County Women’s Suffrage Association,” Creator Unknown, Circa 1900-1929, Cleveland Press Collection, The Micheal Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University.



This photo is of a Women’s Suffrage Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. The women photographed were members of the Cuyahoga County Women’s Suffrage Association. This association later changed their name to the Cleveland League of Women Voters in 1920 and placed efforts in ratifying the Nineteenth Amendment and educating local women on voting.



This photo was taken during the Women’s Suffrage Movement, between the time of 1900-1929.


While the original photographer of the photo is unknown, the photo is taken from the Cleveland Memory Project at Cleveland State University.


The women in the photograph advocated for the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in Cleveland and surrounding cities. In their work, they held conventions, encouraged women to participate in politics, educated women on issues, and endorsed legislation concerning education, child welfare, and women in the workforce. Because of their efforts, they were able to establish equal rights and treatment of women that continue today.


To better understand this photograph, historians can look at outcomes that came about the Cleveland League of Women Voters efforts in establishing voting rights and equality for women. This information can include the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment, rate of women votes overtime, and support gathered on this issue in the Cleveland area. This data will allow historians to better understand and confirm the historical thinking relating to the photograph.

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